I’m Owen Walters-Kramer, a communications student at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. I’m studying Digital Media Production with minors in Marketing and Anthropology. You can contact me here!

I was a junior in high school when I decided that I wanted to give a career in media a chance. Before then, I had no clue what I wanted to do. In elementary school, I danced between hypothetical futures in construction work, archaeology, and music producing, a dream that stemmed from the massive EDM phase from 4th through 7th grade I may, or may not, have had. But, luckily, as someone whose mother has always championed the path of “you’ll figure it out at some point” because “plenty of people don’t know what they want to do, and even if they think they do, chances are it’ll change”, I wasn’t too worried.

I thought media would be a good fit for me because it was the only thing I ever felt I could marathon, if you will. To be able to do something for hours and have your sense of motivation only feel stronger by the end of it is a special feeling. While others might get this sense from literal marathons, for myself, as someone with asthma, this feeling felt like a pipe dream, to say the least. I’m someone with a distaste for most forms of homework, as I’m sure most can relate, however, I was a bit puzzled when working on presentations and slideshows for classes that I didn’t want to stop working on them. Why this sense of not wanting to stop, this marathon mentality, didn’t extend to other forms of homework or, really anything beyond playing video games with my friends for that matter, I still don’t know. But, what I did realize from this was that I had a passion for media, something that, luckily, shows no signs of going away anytime soon.

With media in mind just in the nick of time for a high schooler looking for colleges, I was drawn to Drake’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, something that set Drake apart from the other smaller, Midwestern schools I had been looking at. Now, here we are! I am currently a sophomore, on track to graduate in the Spring of 2026. After my graduation I’m hoping to enter the field of sports media, tying together my interests of media and sports into a career, that, like my 5th-grade presentation about frogs 10 years ago, I won’t get tired of.